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Dr. William Wiener, NYC-based psychologist.

William Wiener, Ph.D.'s Bio:

William Wiener, Ph.D. is a clinical and sport psychologist based in New York, NY. With an expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy, he has a particular interest in helping athletes ranging from high school to the professional level (MLB, NBA, NHL) on how to mentally prepare themselves to succeed and have a healthy relationship with their sport. His unique understanding of the many pressures affecting an athlete's mindset throughout the various stages of their careers allows him to pinpoint an issue and develop strategies to overcome it. Dr. Wiener has presented to athletes at top programs like the Nike All-American Basketball Camp and at various conferences. Dr. William Wiener has given a number of interviews in print and broadcast media to help educate the public on some of the potential psychological factors that impact what spectators see on TV. Whether it's unprovoked violence on the field or something as simple as consistently missed free throws, Dr. Wiener seeks to help spectators understand what might be affecting an athlete or team. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at NYU Hospital and serves as an academic consultant at Columbia Presbyterian Medical School.

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy, sport psychology

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